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Scottsdale, Arizona


We are trained wedding photographers & filmmakers equipped to capture the unscripted and spontaneous. Our Photographers spend the day with you, documenting not directing. Our clients rave that their wedding photography is full of emotion and creativity. Our images are art, but the content will be your real life. And in the end, you'll have a visual narrative that captures the authentic emotions of your wedding and reveals the deep commitment behind your love.

As visual historians we are trained to document real moments, up close and personal, without being obtrusive. We quietly blend in to catch those key moments – fleeting glances between bride and groom or candid exchanges with family and friends – that make your day truly special.


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Scottsdale Country Club Celebration : Mike + Fanny



Scottsdale, AZ

Desert Highlands Country Club

Photography by : Nicole King


            Some weddings just catch your imagination and open you up to a whole new world. So when we received the call from the Friess family to help tell the unique story of Fanny and Mike's wedding celebration we jumped at the chance! Fanny and Mike married two years ago at the Justice of the Peace but wanted the opportunity to celebrate with their family and friends. The big difference from other events we have documented was that the bride and groom and most of the guests are deaf. Since this was our first deaf wedding we didn't know what to expect or how challenging it might be.

            As it turns out, photographing a deaf wedding is a magical experience! Fanny, who is originally from France, looked so elegant in her lace gown and Mike who is from Jackson Hole Wyoming, looked handsome in his southwest attire! As the sun set over Desert Highlands Country Club the bride and groom were presented to their guests as husband and wife and kicked off the party with a celebratory toast. 

            Several elements of the celebration where unique to Fanny and Mike's celebration. Visual entertainment was featured prominently during the evening including a juggler and a deaf comedian. We were particularly fascinated by the comedians jokes. As the comedian moved his hands and facial expressions we listened to the interpreter relay the jokes to the hearing members of the audience. We weren't used to how quiet the room was. After each joke there was minimal audible laughter. Instead the room became full of waving hands, sign language for applause, and twirling napkins accompanied by giant smiles. 

           The ability to communicate is such an important part of creating a lasting marriage and genuine friendships. I was inspired by how intentional Fanny and Mike's community and family were with one another. So much conversation was taking place as friends from all over the world shared stories and the exciting energy of celebration. It was truly an honor to witness and document this incredible love story.


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Mike + Fanny

Ceremony & Reception Site:Desert Highlands Scottsdale 

Caterer: Desert Highlands Scottsdale 



Photography by: Nicole King : Eyes 2 See Photography

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