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Scottsdale, Arizona


We are trained wedding photographers & filmmakers equipped to capture the unscripted and spontaneous. Our Photographers spend the day with you, documenting not directing. Our clients rave that their wedding photography is full of emotion and creativity. Our images are art, but the content will be your real life. And in the end, you'll have a visual narrative that captures the authentic emotions of your wedding and reveals the deep commitment behind your love.

As visual historians we are trained to document real moments, up close and personal, without being obtrusive. We quietly blend in to catch those key moments – fleeting glances between bride and groom or candid exchanges with family and friends – that make your day truly special.


Stuart Thurlkill : Photographer

Stuart Thurlkill : Photographer


Stuart THurlkilL 


Stuart Thurlkill is a widely respected photographer & filmmaker who travels the globe photographing destination weddings for high profile clients and discerning couples. Additionally his  company Thurlkill Studios has been commissioned for magazine and marketing projects for a wide range of national clients. Stuart has helped create several documentary films and his photographs now fill books, magazines and the walls of clients’ homes.   

Stuart’s love of photographing people began while growing up in Montana. Through his adventures, he found that the camera could act as a passport into the lives of interesting people and inspiring places. Studying and working as a photojournalist instilled in Stuart the lasting value a great photograph can have in our personal lives as well as it's potential to change the world.

"I love weddings that are full of strong emotion and powerful stories. My work as a newspaper photographer and documentary filmmaker has given me insight into what crafts a compelling story. I love capturing decisive moments rather than forcing people into poses. I like to think of my work as holding up a mirror, netting the honest and authentically beautiful aspects of each person. " - Stuart 

Nicole King : Photographer

Nicole King : Photographer


Nicole King


With over 10 years of experience shooting portraits and weddings, Nicole King brings warmth and a powerful aesthetic to everything she does. Whether photographing a bride seeing her groom for the first time or two grandparents sharing a funny story, her images always celebrate love and life. 

Nicole’s love affair with photography began at 16 when she took her first photography class. Nicole began experimenting with fashion photography and even did some modeling. It wasn’t long before she was carrying her camera wherever she went and started documenting everyday life around her. While attending University, she began working as a professional photographer.  Now, Nicole documents elegant weddings around the world.

"To me the greatest compliment is when a client loves the experience of being photographed as much as they enjoy the final images. I love to work in an unobtrusive, calm way which helps brides & grooms relax and allows me to capture beautiful moments and real emotion. I love capturing natural smiles and authentic love stories." - Nicole

Rachel Cannon : Filmmaker

Rachel Cannon : Filmmaker


Rachel CannoN


Rachel Cannon is focused and driven in her creative work.  She brings a whimsical, visually intuitive style to her wedding films. Rachel’s ability to naturally draw out a couple’s personal style and unique love story helps her create fanciful and fun wedding films. 

The youngest of eight kids in the western suburbs of Chicago, Rachel routinely filmed her family and friends.  Her early internships allowed her to develop a unique style of documentary film making. Rachel is influenced and inspired by ground breaking female creatives like Annie Leibovitz, Mary Ellen Mark.

"I love what I do! My work allows me to tap into my creativity and capture beautiful moments. Each wedding is a puzzle and I love to fit the pieces together. It is important to me to really learn about a couple because I want to create films that are personal & unique. It makes me happy being able to make something so meaningful for our clients and put it into a powerful story." - Rachel