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We are trained wedding photographers & filmmakers equipped to capture the unscripted and spontaneous. Our Photographers spend the day with you, documenting not directing. Our clients rave that their wedding photography is full of emotion and creativity. Our images are art, but the content will be your real life. And in the end, you'll have a visual narrative that captures the authentic emotions of your wedding and reveals the deep commitment behind your love.

As visual historians we are trained to document real moments, up close and personal, without being obtrusive. We quietly blend in to catch those key moments – fleeting glances between bride and groom or candid exchanges with family and friends – that make your day truly special.


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Eyes 2 See : Fun Ideas for Valentines Day



Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this year it will be on a weekend! This means dinner at a restaurant just won't make the cut since you have all day to celebrate. As you are planning your valentine festivities we have a few suggestions to make this year special!

1. Start the day by being romantic and sweet.

You know your significant other better than anyone else. What would make their day? You could make breakfast in bed, have 12 roses delivered, give a massage, or write her/him a poem. Always start Valentine's Day on a great note by doing something that really speaks their love language.


2. Do something active! 

As you are finishing your breakfast in bed, make plans to bike around town, hike a mountain, paddle board, take a yoga class, or play golf together. If you are located up north where it's the dead of winter you may have to be more creative. You can go to the local rock climbing gym, take a workout class together, or go ice skating. The saying goes, those that play together, stay together!

3. Get Creative! 

If doing something active isn't your thing, there is always room for other creative options. We love the idea of taking a painting and wine class, cooking something together, or making that DIY project on your Pinterest board that you've been dreaming about.


4. Sign up for DateBox!

As you prepare for your wedding take time for a date night.  Setting good patterns in your marriage is so important for many reasons. Make a point to continue to date one another by signing up for a year of Datebox! Datebox will send you a monthly fun and creative date in the mail. It's literally a date in a box! This could be a great gift to spice up your Valentines Day and would show that you are putting a priority on spending time together as you get closer to your wedding.

5. Movies and take out!

If you both are homebodies this may be the perfect Valentines Day date for you. Order your favorite take out, get candles and set the mood with some romantic music from Spotify. Take some intentional time to talk and listen during dinner and then find a romantic comedy on Netflix. Spending some quality time together with your best friend is always a win in our book.


6. Final Thoughts!

Relationships can be complicated and weddings are stressful. Take time to keep your relationship fresh and fun so that you can cross the "I DO" finish line on the right path. We hope you have an incredible Valentine's Day!

Eyes 2 See Photography : Why You Should Have An Engagement Session


E2S_Title eyes2see_celebration007

At the beginning of the year so many couples commit to spend their lives loving only each other. During this unique and beautiful time in your life we believe it is important to take time to celebrate and capture the story of how you fell in love. We believe that the moments captured before you become man and wife are valuable and will leave you with a lasting reminder of how your love story started. This is why we believe it is so valuable to take time for an engagement session!


Connections matter! 

Engagement sessions help you and your photographer get to know each other. As a photographer, it is important for us to get to know how to best photograph you. We want to see how creative you are and teach you how to look great in front of the camera. As a couple, take time for an engagement session to help you practice for the wedding day. We promise it will help you open up, look great and feel comfortable with your photographer.


The pictures have purpose.

Your engagement pictures will have more than one function. We suggest using your images for the save the date cards and invitations. One of the best ways to use your images is to order a custom album created as a guest sign in book. These keepsakes have a personal touch that help your guests connect to you as a couple. Most importantly your engagement images are a great way to create meaningful art for your new home!


Decompress, go on a special date.

Wedding planning can be stressful. Engagement pictures are your chance to do something fun with your partner. Make it a date! We suggest you take a few minutes to plan a perfect day together and have your photographer document the adventure. These candid moments of you making a meal together, skiing, or exploring the city will be more memorable than just a headshot. Your options are only limited by your imagination. Our photographers and videographers love to get creative with ideas. Let us know if you need help brainstorming your engagement session/date.


Tell a story!

This is a pivotal moment in your life! Everything is going to change as you enter into a new exciting season. As photojournalists we urge you to stop and tell your story. Your story has value for you and those you love. These images and recorded words will be a time capsule for you as you venture forward in your marriage. We live in a world that is cynical and hard and we need stories of love and commitment to bring light and love into our lives.  You've found the love of your life, let us capture that love that you share!


Photography by: Stuart Thurlkill + Nicole King : Eyes 2 See Photography

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