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Scottsdale, Arizona


We are trained wedding photographers & filmmakers equipped to capture the unscripted and spontaneous. Our Photographers spend the day with you, documenting not directing. Our clients rave that their wedding photography is full of emotion and creativity. Our images are art, but the content will be your real life. And in the end, you'll have a visual narrative that captures the authentic emotions of your wedding and reveals the deep commitment behind your love.

As visual historians we are trained to document real moments, up close and personal, without being obtrusive. We quietly blend in to catch those key moments – fleeting glances between bride and groom or candid exchanges with family and friends – that make your day truly special.


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Featured Vendor : Thee Wedding Warehouse



Business partners Kathy & Jacque of Thee Wedding Warehouse & Events are two of the most fun creative and down-to-earth woman you will meet! When you walk into their office you will be warmly greeted with gut busting laughter and smiles that are authentic and infectious. During your visit you will be put at ease with their honest and straightforward approach to weddings. Outdoors enthusiasts ourselves, we love that you are just as likely to hear them talking about going camping in the woods with their kids as you are to hear them relive their last glamorous wedding weekend. Kathy & Jacque are based in Phoenix and do amazing events across the state for clients requiring all levels of help and budget.

See their work:

Jeffery + Natasha :

Nicholas + Meghan :

1. How many years have you been in business?


2. How did the business get started?

Jacque had a working flower shop in her garage that had been in business for 4 years and  Kathy was looking for a career change, so over a cold beer on a hot summer day TWW was born! We wanted Brides to be able to successfully plan an event in ONE place in ONE day!

3. Why are you passionate about weddings?

I LOVE my clients! I LOVE seeing their faces on the big day and mostly I have a great solitude in knowing that we helped them to plan an amazing day with out all the stress and worry that generally comes along with a large event.

4. What is your favorite part of a wedding day? Hands down… My Brides face when I walk in with flowers! It seems to become real to her when I hand her a bouquet!

5. What particular client do you love to work with?

For me… it’s the one who has NO IDEA what she wants! We get to create together and make her day HERS… not someone else’s from PINTEREST!

6. What's one quality that makes the company stand out from other companies?

I like to think that first and foremost Kathy and I are honest. There is no bait and hook, no smoke and mirrors. We tell our clients the best way to make things happen and help them to have the best with what they have to spend. I DEF think out of the box too… I take pride in the fact that our events never look like one that someone else has done (if I can help it! Sometimes clients win that battle!) lol.

7. What are tips for potential clients for hiring a wedding coordinator?

My advice is ALWAYS HIRE A COORDINATOR!!!! Always! It is not EXPENSIVE!!! Its PRICELESS!!!


Photography by: Stuart Thurlkill : Eyes 2 See Photography

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